Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RootsMapper Recipes

RootsMapper is designed in such a way that you can bookmark and share your maps using the custom URL that is generated in the address bar of your web browser as you use the site. This allows you to do some interesting things with sharing URLs, but in order to share such a URL, the user must have permission to view the root person on FamilySearch.

Because of the way our system handles these URLs you can generate generic "recipes" that will produce a particular data set for anyone who uses it by leaving the "root=" field blank in the URL. You can also look up the family trees of famous people by finding their Person ID on FamilySearch and typing it into the box below your name in the upper-left corner of the RootsMapper page. Here are some example recipes to try:

32 generations of your paternal line (just fathers)
32 generations of your maternal line (just mothers)
George Washington (6 generations)
Joseph Smith Jr. (6 generations)
Ann Dunham, Mother of President Obama (6 generations)