Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feature Focus: Expand Parents

We have received numerous requests for a feature that has existed since version 1.0. We want to talk about it a little bit so that folks can find out about it and use it. That feature is the ability to expand a single line rather than having to run a whole bunch of generations just to see one line. This request also manifests itself in the form of, "How can I run more than 7 generations?"

There are two ways to plot people. The first is to pick a root person, set a number of generations and then click Run, then wait. The other way is to click a pin for a person whose parents are not yet plotted and then click the big green "Expand Parents" button. Once a person's parents have been plotted, the green button will disappear.

If you have already plotted 7 generations, you can click any #7 pin and expand beyond 7 generations (up to a max of 20 at the time of this writing). If you want to just plot a single line, start with a 1 generation run and then expand out 'til your heart's content.